What I, (Gay) Mormon Guy, Want For Christmas

I wish Santa Claus could bring me a best friend who would completely understand me, a girl I could fall in love with and marry, and the ability to share the message of the gospel with every person living. But while those things have been in my prayers, they’re not really on my Christmas list. I’ll spare you the temporal nonsense that ubiquitously populates Christmas wishlists – whether I want a toothbrush or an orange in my stocking or something that will be novel at least long enough to break b Continue reading What I, (Gay) Mormon Guy, Want For Christmas

Another Very Dissenting Opinion

I’ll sometimes get comments like this one on my blog – from people who believe, honestly, that I can’t exist as a righteous, faithful, happy Mormon Guy who is also attracted to guys. They’re normally also chock-full of ‘objective’ statements that go against the nature of (Gay) Mormon Guy, so I don’t have the time or real desire to publish them. But this one, while definitely disparaging in nature, made me think… and want to respond. So here goes. His comments are in italics. My response is bol Continue reading Another Very Dissenting Opinion

Being Amazingly, Infectiously, Awesomely Happy

I’ve had some rough times over the last few days. And, as usual, the rough spots in life give me the chance to turn to God and seek His guidance. Often when I ask for help, He helps me identify things that I can change… and ways that I need to improve in order to feel greater peace and joy. But these last few days have been different. Maybe it’s just a calm before the storm, but I feel like I’m on the right path, and that I simply need to keep moving forward. Every answer to my prayers held th Continue reading Being Amazingly, Infectiously, Awesomely Happy

Begging For Peace… Faith… Love

“Are we not all beggars?”I was listening to the first chapters of Mosiah this morning, and King Benjamin’s words blew me away. This man was beyond incredible, and had such an awesome understating of the teachings of God and how they apply to others. In four short chapters, he speaks with such power and spirit that every person in the sound of his voice turned to God, covenanted with Him to keepHis commandments, and never turned away from the truth.His oration seemed this morn Continue reading Begging For Peace… Faith… Love

Yesterday I Wanted to Die. Today I Have a New Life.

If there’s anything I learned from my experience yesterday, it’s that I place way too much stock in how others think of me. And when I think about it, it’s still true. Deep inside my heart… No, more like right on the top, I want people to like me, to love the gospel, to gain the attributes that will help lead them closer to Christ. And realizing that I am still a novice in anything social is more than a bit unnerving.And I was reminded that God loves Continue reading Yesterday I Wanted to Die. Today I Have a New Life.

I Asked God to Kill Me Today

A priesthood leader told me this morning that I was a creep and that he essentially never wanted to talk to me again. I usually try to delevop relationships of trust with my leaders because I’ve been in their shoes… and sustaining means more to me than just doing my home teaching and fulfilling my caling in the ward. But I really hadn’t done anything different here than with anyone else – I talked to him when I saw him in and outside of church, let him know about Continue reading I Asked God to Kill Me Today

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