Tis a Gift to be Simple

Last night I had a conversation with a guy that made me think a lot about who I am and why I’m here in life. He and I have a lot in common, and the circumstances under which we met were incredibly serendipitous. In talking with him, I was hoping to see a mirror of myself, a pattern to learn from, a form of good and bad and better choices to apply in my life. I wanted answers to some of the questions I’ve had in life – an understanding of how he’s learned to cope with the problems that I face. Bu Continue reading Tis a Gift to be Simple

Epic Fails in Friendship

For most of my life, I believed I could do anything I wanted, well. So did others… and experience supported that belief. Now I realize how incredibly wrong I was.I may be good at athletics, academics, music, or internalizing church doctrine. But in the things that really matter – developing long-term meaningful relationships with others – my track record is a long list of failures.Ability to make and keep friends from elementary school? Fail. Friends from any other school? Fail Continue reading Epic Fails in Friendship

LDS Temple Marriages

Mormon weddings are amazing. The wedding party is small – usually just close family and a few friends – and the ceremony itself is only a few minutes long. And in those few minutes, a boy and girl go from best friends to eternal companions.Sealing ceremonies, for me, have always been a bit bittersweet. They’re incredibly happy, but for a long time I wasn’t. I thought that I was. At the reception, I smiled, helped, and gave my own personal congratulations, but inside it was all I could do Continue reading LDS Temple Marriages

“Learning Experiences”

Yeah. Sometimes “learning experiences” is a euphemism for tough days and rougher trials. But sometimes, even though the underlying trials still exist, experiences really are all about learning, and less about pain or anything else. And, in that case, the attribution still holds true.I had a handful of experiences over the last few days that could have easily been classed as trials. Miscommunication with other people. Frustration with colleagues. Diffic Continue reading “Learning Experiences”

We’re Not Alone

For most of my life I honestly believed that no one in the world understood me. When we talked about temptations that people have in Sunday School, being attracted to guys was definitely not one of them. And while there are stories in the scriptures of men who repented of adultery, murder, and tons of other sins, the scriptures never share that type of story about men like me. At the same time, the population of anti/ex-Mormon gay voices is becoming more predo Continue reading We’re Not Alone

We Are All Enlisted

It’s time to lift up your voice in defense of truth and virtue. We are all enlisted… and no matter who you are, today you are called to rise up and share the gospel as it applies to you… to open your mouth and be heard… to speak in the language of your life… and to change the world.When I first began writing here at (Gay) Mormon Guy, a priesthood leader counseled me to not be a leader – not to form an army or take leadership of people in a plac Continue reading We Are All Enlisted

Twitter, (G)MG, and General Conference

Listening to Elder Bednar’s talk today in General Conference prompted me to try something that scares me a bit. He said that we’ve been trained to text and to tweet… and so I’ve decided to share my thoughts on General Conference, realtime, as Mormon Guy, with the world. I know that isn’t really unique (since it’s already trending), but it’s unique for me. My Twitter name itself is unique. But maybe it will help me find people who need the Continue reading Twitter, (G)MG, and General Conference

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