If You Could See Inside My Mind

… You’d probably find a couple of seemingly contradictory layers. On the outside is the assertive, optimistic, passionate, and successful person that is “me” in social situations, that shows through on a first date, and the way that others see me when they watch me from a distance. It’s a construct – but not a facade – that displays who I am and how I want others to experience me… and more than that, it’s the interface by which I’ve found I can influence the world for good. I change Continue reading If You Could See Inside My Mind

The Good and the Bad

I’ve almost posted half a dozen incredibly depressing posts over the last week, only to have my introspection cut short by something that totally lifts (and changes) the mood. The First Presidency Christmas Devotional was a good example. I had had an awful day – bad enough that others IRL (in real life) started to notice – and I was writing a post titled “When I Want a Guy,” in reference to a guy at church who had somehow distracted me from multiple hours of worship. Depression, frustration, str Continue reading The Good and the Bad