Feeling Something Different

I was talking with a girl and I noticed her hair, her eyes, the way she smiled… I noticed the clothing she was wearing, the color coordination in her dress, the way she held her head while she spoke. Her laugh and a pleasant gaze that seemed to look into my soul… with peace and genuine interest.And I felt something.It was more than just relief at finding someone who could hold a conversation, or camaraderie in finding someone who shared a d Continue reading Feeling Something Different

Premortal Character Creation

I had a conversation with someone the other day about the pros and cons of life and how they always even out for each person in the end. Everyone has different trials and blessings and circumstances and opportunities, but “all things work together for the good of them that love God and serve Him.”In another conversation someone mentioned that we don’t choose our trials or temptations. “At least in this life…” was my response. And the mixture of the t Continue reading Premortal Character Creation

Kissing Guys

The first time I saw two guys kissing was an interesting event in my life. I had seen normal kisses before in movies, paintings, photos, and in real life at weddings or just watching my parents. And to me kissing had always seemed awfully gross… and never something that I had wanted to pursue.But something strange clicked when I first saw guys kissing. Something stirred inside me and suddenly I had the desire to try it… a desire that seemed totally Continue reading Kissing Guys

Hunger, Thirst, and Other Needs

The lesson in Sunday School was about the Good Samaritan. The teacher was well-prepared, engaging, and able to easily accommodate the classroom, even full to capacity. The lesson progressed as she guided us through the scriptures, interjecting her thoughts and creating an environment of trust.But, to me, the classroom felt like a prison cell. I felt anxious, frustrated, and almost hungry. And I had no idea why.The background was factually accurate. The meaning behind each motif i Continue reading Hunger, Thirst, and Other Needs

Dear BJ – Question and Response

I got this comment recently (some info had been edited out for privacy). I get similar questions each day, and thought this might help those readers who wonder how to help family members or friends who are trying to live the gospel in the face of trials:I have read your blog several times and I think I have a brother who is in your shoes. He is a faithful member of the church, served an honorable mission, but he has no desire to date, has never kissed a girl, and is uncomfortab Continue reading Dear BJ – Question and Response

For the Beauty of the Earth

“Where ships of purple gently float on seas of daffodil, fantastic sailors mingle. And then, the wharf is still” (Emily Dickinson).Have I mentioned recently that life is spectacular? I love the way the sun streams through the clouds, breaking shadows and pouring out pillars of light. The breeze rushing through the trees, the rain pounding against the pavement, the birds singing in the early morning hours. Running, with the sun warm on my face. The smil Continue reading For the Beauty of the Earth

I’ll Be What You Want Me to Be

I’ve noticed that carrying my greatest trials and burdens in life has made the music of the Church a thousand times more meaningful. I’ve always been grateful that music was a central part of worship in the gospel, but as I’ve faced death, illness, pain, and suffering, my introspection on the words has deepened… and I’ve realized how much true worship really is contained in the texts of the hymns… words that sometimes make me stop singing altogether… just so I can listen and cry.It Continue reading I’ll Be What You Want Me to Be