Some Things I Appreciate in Women

So my heart doesn’t skip a beat when I see them. My throat doesn’t go dry when I try to speak, and when we touch I don’t feel butterflies. But there are definitely things that I love to see in women… and that hopefully will continue to develop as I make friends and try to become a better person. Here are a few of them. These probably used to be on the “ideal wife” list before I scrapped it.1. Strong body. I love being able to run alongside someone and not have to stop… or to wor Continue reading Some Things I Appreciate in Women

Coming to Zion

When I was little I dreamed of being alive when the prophets called for people to come to Zion. The thought of leaving everything behind to go to some faraway place was uniquely appealing in my mind – even though it probably meant I’d have to make new friends, walk a thousand miles, or eat somewhat tasteless roots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.I’m sure that at least part of my fascination was a misunderstanding of the hardships that the pioneers act Continue reading Coming to Zion

Waiting for Someday to Come

Someday. I’ve been promised that a lot of things will happen someday. Fall in love with my future wife, marry her in the temple, have a great marriage and raise righteous, happy children. Affect the world in my chosen field. Be strong in the Church and grow righteous enough so that, like Captain Moroni, I’ll be entirely free of the influence of Satan in my life. Someday.My parents instilled in me a deep sense of industry, though – and so my waiting is a little more intense t Continue reading Waiting for Someday to Come

So I Smile

Sometimes when I was little I would have smiling contests with myself. I would grin as hard as I could until the sides of my mouth hurt and I could taste the burn in my cheeks. I’m sure I looked absurd with a massive grin plastered on my face (it was often during Primary at Church), but, as I smiled, I found myself wanting to smile even more – happy for life and all its majesties.And so it is right now. I look at everything in my life – and from the outside it could be really easy to say Continue reading So I Smile

Outside of Eden

It snowed. And I’m grateful – for both the snow and the reminder that Spring is on its way. The weather has been amazing lately – warm, sunny days, ever-present rain… this might be the last time it snows (until mid-May when a crazy storm hits or something like that) this season.Everything is symbolic in life – and the thoughts I had this morning walking through the snow were about trials in life. If life, like it was in the Garden of Eden, were an ev Continue reading Outside of Eden

Being a Christian

Last night at the CES Fireside – a meeting for young adults in the Church, Elder Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke about the importance of helping the world return to the basics of Christianity. The opening and closing songs were “Onward Christian Soldiers” and “Let Us All Press On” – both incredible songs that make my heart race.As he spoke, I found myself comparing his message to the world I live in. In recent years, the world leaders of Christianity have watched as the Continue reading Being a Christian

Let Us All Press On!

Note to new readers (from CJane & elsewhere): My blog is a little haphazard. Check out the for a shortened, but comprehensive, introduction. And thanks for coming.A few months ago I got an influx of readers from a popular “Mormon mommy blog” named CJane. Somewhere in the comments section was a reference to my blog that got clicked by a bunch of people – some of whom became regular readers and commenters here.I don’t often read Mormon mommy blogs. But I know people who t Continue reading Let Us All Press On!