Me and Love Languages: Acts of Service

The service love language is rooted in making life easier for the person you love. Cleaning the kitchen, raking leaves, or anything else is the best way to say, “I love you.” The worst thing to do? Just sit there watching tv, talking, or reading while they work, or always do your own thing.This is a love language that I definitely appreciate. Coming home to a clean kitchen or realizing that someone has cleaned the house fills me with a sense of gratitude, simply because they care. Ironic Continue reading Me and Love Languages: Acts of Service

Me and Love Languages: Gifts

The love language of gifts is what keeps Hallmark, 1800Flowers, and most chocolate stores in business. But it extends beyond simply wanting to receive gifts; it is focused more on the thought behind it – hence “it’s the thought that (really) counts.” The greatest way to say I love you is to find something perfect for them. And the worst way is to just pick something up at an airport gift shop, or not bring anything at all.I’m not a gift person. It prob Continue reading Me and Love Languages: Gifts

Me and Love Languages: Quality Time

Quality time is the love language that requires simple, undivided attention and a willingness to just be there. People with this love language thrive on being with others – in their presence – with the ability to do things together or simply hold a deep conversation. The worst way to act around someone who is quality time? Don’t give them the time of day.This is my love language. For me, nothing says “I love you” like being there for me, and wanting to Continue reading Me and Love Languages: Quality Time

Me and Love Languages: Words of Affirmation

The relationship-help book called “the five love languages” or something similar has been making the rounds in my social circles. I think the concept is actually pretty cool – understand people’s love languages so that you can better show love to them and so you can understand your own needs. It’s already helping me understand others and better show my love, so I thought I’d share it here. The first language is “words of affirmation” – sincere praise, verbal affection, and Continue reading Me and Love Languages: Words of Affirmation

If I Were a Superhero, What Superpower Would I Have?

That question is bogus. I can’t think of one superhero who chose his power. It was something inside him – a set of conditions thrust upon him by forces far outside his own control – and it happened with or without his consent.But, along with super speed or an incredible intellect, superheroes have something that, from my perspective, is worth far more than their superpowers. The greatest superheroes take their personal circumstances, overcome their weaknesses, and focus on their strength Continue reading If I Were a Superhero, What Superpower Would I Have?

The Index

For the first few months of (Gay) Mormon Guy’s existence, many new readers took the plunge into understanding my life by reading all my back posts. “I finally finished reading all your posts…” was a common preface to emails and comments. As time has gone on, and I’ve kept posting (for better or worse), reading the entire blog to understand who I am has become daunting for any but the most heroic of readers.So I’ve decided to make an index of all the Continue reading The Index


Sometimes depression hits me like a ton of bricks, leaving me with nothing to do but cry. It makes me feel less than worthless, and nothing in the world can give me peace. I lose my desire to do anything because my mind is convinced (albeit on extremely questionable grounds) that I could never really do anything worthwhile. And if nothing I do can make a difference, then why try?When depression like that hits, writing is often my outlet, and I find myself here, writing, reading my script Continue reading Apathy